Student Life in Boulder

The most prominent thing about Boulder would be the University of Colorado, so many of the attractions around cater to the school, or at least to its student, leading to a vibrant, young feel for the city. The clubs are always hopping, where everynight the hottest folks in Boulder burn up the floor, the bars are always energetic and alive, and the lounges are always relaxing and elegant, and live music can be found all around town just about any night of the week. For those looking for a little culture, the college provides plenty of brilliant theater, music and dance choices, or you can try one of the town’s many museums. You can even enjoy upscale shopping in the town’s famous Pearl Street Mall, which even features a fresh Farmer’s Market.

Boulder has something for just about every Boulder apartment-ite, especially the young hipsters out there, whether you’re into listening to some awesome music, taking in a bit of culture, dancing the night away, or enjoying the beautiful scenery of Colorado.

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