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20 Things Every Student Should Know

1. Network! Network! Network! Be nice to everyone and try to make as many friends as possible. These are the people you never know when you will see again and could offer you a great opportunity down the road. Always keep as many doors open as possible.
2. Grades Don’t Really Matter (To Some Extent*) If you spend your four precious years of college holed up in the library to get great grades, you’ll learn a lot but you’ll have missed the greatest lesson college can teach you: experience. College is more about finding yourself and learning about who you are and what you believe in than what you achieve on paper. * Grades do matter if you plan to go to grad school, if you fail and therefore have to repeat courses or get kicked out of school. Get good enough grades to please the person who pays your tuition!
3. What They Really Look At On Your Résumé When you’re interviewing for a coveted job position, they’re usually never going to turn you down because you didn’t have a 4.0 from a top college. Most places don’t even look at your GPA. What they’re going to look at is your experience. Get as many internships as possible to help you get work experience and learn what you like and what you don’t like before you’re out in the real world. This is your chance to make mistakes and go down the wrong paths without getting stuck there for life.
4. Avoid The Awkward Walk In If you see a sock, a rubber band, a tie or anything obscure that usually doesn’t sit on a doorknob, STOP! Your roommate is having sex. Follow these three easy steps to avoid an unwanted peep show. Stop, listen and leave. If you hear groaning noises, you are sexiled—go find somewhere else to crash.
5. Make At Least One Friend In Each Class There will always be those days you overslept, you’re sick (usually from the night before), or you’re just flat out playing hooky and you’ll miss a class. These are the times that a friend comes in handy. They can give you notes, sign in your name if they take attendance or fill you in on the material the professor talks about that’s not in your book. A classroom friend is your biggest secret weapon.

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